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ESLL Farm Division Rules

1. SCHEDULED GAME START TIME: All games shall begin promptly at the scheduled start time. If a team is unable to field at least 5 players by the game’s scheduled start time, then the game will be rescheduled by both managers agreement. If the game cannot be rescheduled, the game will be canceled.


2. GAME PLAY: Up to 10 players can play defensive, but 10th player must play outfield. In the event there are only 9 players present for the game, then 3 players must be in the outfield. If no pitcher is designated, then the defensive team will play 4 outfielders.


3. CURFEW: No new inning shall begin after 1 hour and 15 minutes from the start time. If a new inning starts every attempt should be made to complete the inning so both teams have the same number of at-bats.


4. LENGTH OF GAMES: All games will be complete if any of the below occurs…


a. Six innings have been played


b. 1 hour and 30 minutes have passed since the start of the game, no matter the spot in the inning, latitude should be allowed, if necessary, to give every player the chance to bat twice.


c. The Board Member or Team Managers shortens the game due to weather, 2 inning minimum.


5. SCOREKEEPING: Score will not be kept during the game and no standings will be recorded.


6. RUN RULE: No run rule is in effect in Farm.


7. LENGTH BETWEEN INNINGS: Teams shall change positions as rapidly as possible at the end of each inning. Play should resume within 1 minute after the last out of the previous half inning.


8. RAIN-OUTS: Rain-out games shall be rescheduled by the League.


9. COACHES: Each team is allowed 1 manager and 2 dugout coaches. Base coaches will consist of 2 adults. Up to 2 defensive coaches are allowed on the field.

10. UMPIRES: Defensive coaches on the field will serve as umpires for the game and instructors for their team.



11. BATTING ORDER: A player who arrived after the start of the game will be inserted at the bottom of the batting order. See section 13 below for additional information.

12. COACH PITCH: Farm games will be coach pitch to each batter with the maximum of 5 pitches unless the 5th pitch is a foul ball. The coach will pitch another and continue unless the batter does not swing, get a hit or strikes out. The coach pitching to the batters will call balls and strikes.  No more than 5 baseballs are to be on the field during coach pitch and no ball buckets.

13. OUTS: Each team will bat the lineup in the 1st inning while on offense. Offensive team must clear the bases after 3 outs if applicable in 1st inning and then continue through the end of the roster (every player gets to bat in 1st inning). If the offensive team bats the roster before 3 outs, the inning will end (this applies to all innings). The 2nd inning and beyond will be played as 3 outs (real baseball rules).

14. PLAYERS: The Farm division is for league age 6-8 players.


15. MANDATORY PLAY: All players will play on defense and offense.


16. INFIELD FLY: The infield fly rule is not in effect.




a. Infielders may not play in front of an imaginary line extending from first base to third base until the ball has been put into play.


b. There is a maximum of 4 outfielders. Outfielders must remain in the grass, 15 feet behind the infield at all times unless assisting on a play. They cannot interfere with the base runners.


c. The pitcher cannot make an unassisted put-out at first base must throw the ball to the first baseman. The pitcher can, however, make plays unassisted at any other base including home.


d. Infielders consist of a pitcher, first baseman, second baseman, third baseman, shortstop and catcher. The remaining players are positioned in the outfield.


18. STOPPAGE OF PLAY: Play will continue until the lead runner is stopped and/or the ball is attempted to be thrown to the pitcher while the pitcher is close to the pitcher’s circle, the pitcher does not have to catch or control the ball. All runners that reached a halfway mark will be allowed to obtain the next base if that base is empty. If the ball is live and a play is made on a runner who has reached the halfway mark, the runner is at risk of being put out.


19. BASE RUNNERS: No steals are allowed. Runners may not leave the base until the ball is hit or crosses home plate. There is no advancing on overthrows in the infield. In the infield; when a defensive player has control of the ball, all runners must stop at the base they are at or approaching.

20. DUGOUT ASSIGNMENTS: The Home team will occupy the 3rd base dugout while the Visiting team will occupy the 1st base dugout.


21. PROTESTS: No protests will be allowed in the Farm division. If an incident occurs, one or both managers should locate or call a Board Member for resolution.


22. ON-DECK BATTER: No on-deck batter is allowed. Players must remain in the dugout and are not allowed to swing bats in the dugout.


23. BUNTS: Bunts are not allowed.




a. Both teams are responsible for picking up the trash in their respective dugouts after each game.


25. INJURY REPORT: An injury report must be filled out for every injury, no matter how minor. Forms can be found in the concession area or ask the Board Member on Duty. The incident must be reported to the league Safety Manager within 24 hours of the injury.


 -        Any other rule not specified on this list adheres to the little league rule book.

       If interested in a electronic/hard copy of these rules, please email [email protected] with subject "Farm Rules."


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