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Covid-19 Safety Protocol

East Scottsdale Little League

Spring 2021

COVID Safety Protocol


East Scottsdale Little League (ESLL) is planning for the Spring 2021 season. Our goal is to have a complete season with evaluations for minors and majors players in January/February, practices beginning in February, games beginning in March, playoffs in May, and All-Stars beginning in June. To achieve our goal, ESLL has developed this COVID Safety Protocol to provide our league with the safest possible playing conditions. This document has been informed by our experiences during the successful Fall 2020 season. 


It is very important that all in attendance follow these protocols established by ESLL, everyone is responsible for their immediate space. Face coverings (covering mouth and nose) for coaches, players, umpires, and fans should be used according to ESLL league protocol. All teams must have hand sanitizer on hand for players and coaches; all parents must have a face covering and use the face covering as directed per league protocol.                                  


Self Monitoring

  • All players should have their body temperature taken prior to ESLL events (e.g., evaluations, practices, games) to ensure that no fever is present when participating or attending each Little League activity. Anyone with symptoms of fever, cough, or worsening respiratory symptoms, or any known exposure to a person with COVID-19 should not attend any Little League activity until cleared by a medical professional.
  • Any individual, including players, at risk for severe illness or with serious underlying medical or respiratory conditions should only attend Little League activities with permission from a medical professional.


No Handshakes/Personal Contact Celebrations

  • Players and coaches will take measures to prevent all but the essential contact necessary to play baseball. This includes refraining from handshakes, high fives, fist bumps, chest bumps, group celebrations. Players and families should vacate the field/facility as soon as is reasonably possible after the conclusion of their practice or game to minimize unnecessary contact with players, coaches, and spectators, ideally within 10 minutes.
  • Athletes, managers/coaches, and umpires should bring their own personal drinks to all team activities. Drinks should be labeled with the person’s name. Individuals should take their own drink containers home after practice/game for cleaning and sanitation or use single-use bottles. There should be no use of shared or team beverages. Teams should not share any snacks or food. Players should bring individual, pre-packaged food, if needed.


Spitting, Sunflower Seeds, Gum, etc.

  • Sunflower seeds, gum, etc., will not be allowed in dugouts or on the playing field. All players and coaches are to refrain from spitting at all times, including in dugout areas and on the playing field.



  • Attendance will be taken at all practices to enable contact tracing should a player or coach test COVID-19 positive.


Practice Protocols

  • Players will use hand sanitizer prior to entering the ball field.
  • Start & End Times                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             a)Start and End times for each session will be offset to prevent interactions between players and coaches from different teams.
  •  Face Mask Requirements                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          a)All coaches will be required to wear face coverings (face mask covering mouth & nose) except during socially distanced breaks.                                                                                                                  b) All players will be required to wear face coverings (face mask covering mouth & nose) except during socially distanced breaks.
  • A maximum of 12 players and 4 coaches are allowed on the field at a time.
  • During practices, players will not place their sporting equipment (baseball bags, bats, etc.) in the dugouts. Players will place their sporting equipment along the outfield fences in foul territory (or similar at Cochise Fields). See Figure 1 for example at Chaparral Park. Each player will put their equipment in the center of a fence panel, which allows their equipment to be socially distanced.
  •  Players will take water breaks by their equipment to maintain social distance.
  • Players will not share equipment with other players or coaches, with the exception of baseballs and instructional devices.
  • Coaches will use cones to encourage players to maintain social distance during baseball drills.
  • Players will use hand sanitizer upon leaving the ball field.
  • No huddles
  • Parents will not be allowed to use the bleachers and can bring their own chairs to watch practice, if desired. 

Game Protocols

  • Face Coverings
    • Coaches are required to wear face coverings 
    • Players are required to wear face coverings when in the dugout, and when social distancing is not possible (e.g., team meeting).
    • Face coverings are optional when players are actively playing baseball (e.g., playing shortstop, batting, running the bases). 
    • Umpires will wear face coverings
  • Social Distance where Possible
    • No handshakes, no fist bumps, chest bumps - maintain a minimum distancing of 6 feet when possible.
    • During a homerun, players must stay in their dugout, and cannot come onto the field.
    • Plate meeting: One coach only per team and distance 6 feet; exchange lineup and step back. Handshakes between coaches, or between coaches & umpires are not allowed. 
    • In any discussions between a coach and an umpire, both must wear a face covering and maintain a distance of 6 feet.
  • Pitchers are not allowed to lick their fingers at any time during the game. First time is
    a warning, thereafter it is an automatic ball to the batter.
  • Parents/spectators 
    • Spectators must bring their own chairs, water, and food. Please do not share with anyone outside of your immediate family. Spectators are not allowed to sit on or near the bleachers.
    • All parents/spectators are to sit along the side foul fence area or behind the outfield fence or other designated area.
    • Face masks are encouraged for parents and family members but are mandatory when close distancing per State, County or City mandate. Bring your own mask and hand sanitizer.
    • If you feel sick, please stay home. 

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